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HR is the critical enabler of any business. Hence productivity of human resources plays tremendous role in deciding the success of a company. Organizations must create such working environment for their employees to advance their productivity at given tasks. A brilliant resource planning and deployment is essential for effective implementation of strategies.

Interdev-BI is a value adding mission partner supporting its valued clients for their HR productivity optimization. We accomplish this mission through by implementing HR & Management Consultancy, Finance & Accounting Plan for HR Spending, Comprehensive Documentation, Agile Performance Assessment System, Optimal Digitalization, and Setting-up Learning & Development Process. Our mission team has 20+ years of multi-industry and multi-disciplinary expertise to excel our commitment towards our clients.

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The productivity of human resources plays tremendous role

in deciding the success.


OPO Services Transcend consulting to

Business Intelligence

  • Standardized HR Department

  • Satisfied Workforce

  • Well Trained Employees

  • Improved Brand Equity

  • Enhanced Productivity

  • Marked Improvement in Business Performance

Key Achievements

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Key Deliverables of OPO Services

Structural Design

Departmental Process Design

HR Budget Analysis, Recommendations and Restructuring

KRA, KPI against Budgetary Plan

Employee Intelligence Assessment and Repositioning

Learning and Development System

Systematic Induction & Re-induction

Performance Appraisal Metrics

Systematic Performance Assessment

HR Engagement Strategies

Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)

Compensation and Benefits as per Budget Plans

Guidelines for Remote Working & Gigging

Comprehensive HR Documentations

Document Management System Guideline and Recommendations

Setting-up of Values and Culture

Comprehensive HR Manual

Handholding on Optimal Digital Transformations

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OPO is pioneering to be the most innovative HR Productivity Optimization product in the new age management consulting industry. We have strategically partnered with Cloudberry Group, the leading Auditors and Accountants based in Dubai with trans-national presence in USA, EU & Asia providing services in Audit, Finance, Accounting and Consultancy.

Cloudberry was born from the core ideology of providing high quality financial services to organizations in need and imparting unbiased insights without compromising on the passion for excellence.

Strategic Alliance with Cloudberry Group




Cloud based Video Conferencing

Robotic Process Automation

Attendance Management


Onboarding to offboarding process

Learning and development

Automated JD, KRA, & KPI designer

Daily summary reports

Multiplatform attendance register

Task management

Payroll with analytical perform slip

Performance assessment, involvement and engagement tracker

Activity and task calendar for proactive task planning

Automated SOP design tool, statutory compliances rectifier

Customizable document repository

Organizational structure and dynamic functional charts

Powerful plugin for gigging engagement

Work at home monitoring systems

CRM & Virtual Backoffice Solutions is a comprehensive AI-based analytical tool to ensure a deep job involvement of each member of an organization by engaging them effectively and defending any distractions which reduce their productivity. This time-based task management system is one of the best in this segment which gives some optimal happiness for the employer and employee by eradicating any job place related stress and dissatisfactions

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