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There exist three kinds of identity in every personality. The first one is what the individual has conceived about himself; the “conceived identity”. The second one is what his eco-system intelligence perceives about him; the “perceived identity”. And the third one is the “real identity” or the manifestation of one’s “real self”. A comprehensive “Image Consulting” process is the perfect synchronization between one’s “conceived identity” and “perceived identity”.

Unlike the conventional “Image Consulting” methods, we follow unique practices to develop a “living document”- a compass for future – for our clients; it preserves the “Legacy of the Past” and “Thoughts for the Future”

Image Consultancy

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Perfect synchronization between one’s “conceived identity” and “perceived identity”.

Helping you understand the four essential aspects of your “Image”

Philosophical elements

Psychological element

Professional element

Entrepreneurial element

Our image consulting services include

Personal website development

Vision setting & strategic positioning
Developing philosophy
Defining passion, values, and purpose
Portfolio creation
Primary photoshoots & video bytes
Content creation
Brand identity designing
Website designing & development
Website promotion
Timely updating content
Timely technological updates
SEO services

Social media management & communications

Facebook page management
Instagram personal blog management
Linkedin management
Youtube channel management
Social media campaigns
Creative & strategic content development for social media Blogging
Reputation management
Programmatic advertisement
Attracting followers
Creating Views & Reaches

Speeches & presentations for occasions

Fundraising speeches
Conference speeches
Keynote addresses
Service club talks
Convention speeches
Banquet speeches
Commencement speeches
Motivational talks
Ted-style talks
Speech delivery coaching
Elevator pitch presentations
Business plan presentations
PPT Presentations

Wikipedia development

Research for reportage
Wiki draft writing
Page publishing
Maintenance for 3 months

Featuring in magazines

Personal brand positioning
Content creation

Photoshoots & video bytes

Event photography
Photoshoot for personal website
Photoshoot for life-style marketing
Video bytes for social media promotions

Academic excellence programs

Paper presentation in international seminars
Research papers, thesis, and dissertations
Case studies
Guidance for multidisciplinary programs

CSR & philanthropic activity support

Design thinking practice
Addie for project management
Concept paper
Strategic intervention & impact assessment
Strategic event planning
Event promotions in social media

Crisis and issues management

Reputation management
Holding statements
Press release
Legal acknowledgement
Data recovery
Cyber forensic

Awards & honoring

Profile creation
Portfolio development
Apply for awards
Qualifying awards & honors
Award function directives

Book publishing & biography services

Research & concept designing
Content creation & editing services
Ghost writing & biography writing
Publishing & promotions

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