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Though by the turn of millennia the pattern and propositions of business landscapes have been changing so drastically, many organizations are still failed to match the speed of dramatic changes happening in the realm of technological innovations. See the trajectory of business spectrum, many big names failed in adopting digital transformation, they perished and no more. So digital transformation is the power dynamics in the business ecosystem which decides the survival capacity and growth. It means, digital transformation is not an option, it is a must.

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The power dynamics in the business ecosystem which decides the survival capacity.



Digital transformation (DT) is a strategy of enabling business innovation predicated on the incorporation of digital technologies into your operational process, products, solutions, customer interactions and the mindset of the business owners, employees and customers. The strategy is focused on leveraging the opportunities of new technologies and their impact to the business by focusing on the creation and monetization of digital assets.

Digital transformation involves the building of a digital ecosystem in which there are coherence and seamless integration between customers, partners, employees, suppliers, and external entities, providing greater overall value to the whole.


What are the benefits of DT

Cost reduction

Easy to scale up

Improved customer experience

Data driven analytics

Optimal inventory management and control

Improved market segmentation

Healthy investment and fund management

Time to time business intelligence

What We Offer

Digital transformation auditing

IT infrastructure assessment

Today technology is evolving into more complex phases which starts from desktop devices, network infrastructure, server management, cloud deployment, security protocols, accounts and ERP, MIS, task management, CRM, web and mobile applications etc. During the auditing process we help the organization to understand the capacity and vulnerability of the existing IT infrastructure. Hence, we guide the organizations to adopt the best practice in their business operations. When the digital infrastructure become more exposed and widely interconnect, the cyber and technology security became more important. We assess technology vulnerability too.

Performance analysis of direct digital business tools

Companies are using various types of direct digital business tools to accelerate their operations, such as custom-made web and mobile applications, robotic process automations, chatbots, employee tracker, on the go attendance and tasks management, IoT connectivity with mobile and wearables, automated digital marketing applications, remote working dashboards, video conferencing systems etc. The intelligent reports and dashboards will help organizations to analyze the effective utilization, payment spending towards such systems and the gap between the internal user and the system.

Management perception towards digitalization

Digital adoption is an abrupt entrant to the business ecosystem which nobody can avoid, still it is evident that there is no systematic rule, regulations or a scientific sequence which suggests the proper digitization of the organization. Since the technology tools are changing and updating within a short span of time the generation X in the demographic cohort will show difficulty to conceive and implement this new and inevitable trend into their business organization. We analyze, Handhold and coach those unconvinced generation, based on the process assessment during our remedial measures.

Employees readiness towards digitalization

Change resistance is a general predilection among employees in most of the organization. There is various employee readiness factor that can affect the deployment of digital transformation including mindset of demographic cohort, employees mix, digital literacy of existing or newly appointed staff etc. A thorough assessment of digital readiness gap and suggestions on adequate remedial measures are essential for successful implementation of digital transformation among employees. Younger generations are more adaptable and can switch into new digital transformation process easily compared to senior employees who are the part of a time long system. It has to be differentiated

Habits, preferences, trends of customers

We believe that every endeavor in digital transformation should start from customer experience. Customers are demanding better experiences from the organizations they do business with, and companies must meet or exceed those demands to be successful. Customers expect performance, responsiveness, authenticity, and consistency in services and solutions they are offered. Habits, trends and language preferences may vary according to their ethnic, age, sex variations. The winners will be those companies that create customer experiences that are better than their competitors, and more in tune with how customers want to do business with them.

Technology consultancy

Digital Transformation Scope analysis

Interdev BI will give expert technical insights and best practice solutions for the multi-dimensional digital and technology requirement suitable as per the nature, size, business vision of the organization which will help the organization to identify the real need and scope of technology solutions . Our expert consultants are well experienced and widely engaged with variety of digital and tech solutions. When the new technology solution going to be introduced with more powerful features a convergent scope analysis become very much important and to be addressed.

Budget on technology spending

Enterprises across the globe are making significant spending in technology. Research agencies forecasts that these expenditures will climb unprecedently. This rapid proliferation of smart technologies, combined with the declining cost of computing and storage power, has put most technologies, especially analytics and advanced machine learning, in the hands of practically every business, no matter its size. So, our techno commercial team can guide the organizations to prepare their budget their technology spending based on industry specific metrics which we are expertise and researched well which will help you to optimize your digital procurement expenditure

Security vulnerability and solutions

When errors are codified into automated processes, they too are repeated, again and again, cascading with potentially catastrophic results. Privacy is also a major issue. Business organizations are increasingly looking to protect their data and are prepared to act, sometimes legal, to do so. More technology implementation and digitalization always bring complex vulnerability inside digital ecosystem. Many of the companies failed to take proper measures to protect this vulnerable area which brought huge loss in the business assets such as valuable data and IT infrastructure. We conduct cyber security auditing and forensic checking. Based on that our technology security team can harness your security protocols.

IT management strategy

Studies shows that most of the SMEs, while they focus on their core business affairs, fail to think and plan a proper and suitable IT management system for the organization. Uncontrolled IT spending, operational costs, hiring of technical team, maintaining them and not updating the best practices in the market are the common phenomenon which made the IT department a chaos. We help the organization to find out the best IT management strategy suitable for the size and sensitivity of IT infrastructure by undertaking annual maintenance contract by timely support. In the past 21 years we are serving the UAE market in the technology support

Digital marketing directives

Marketing and sales completely switched into a new paradigm across the world. Thanks to the advancement of magnificent growth of supply and demand side platforms and ad exchanges with the help of AI bots in the trillion-dollar digital marketing ecosystem. Programmatic advertisement plays a significant role. A well experienced digital marketing consultant can only guide for a right and effective digital marketing strategy suitable for the nature of business you carry out. We are strong and confident in guiding and undertaking this responsibility.

Training on digital transformation change management

When the organization wants to embrace the new wave of digital transformation and implement inside the business ecosystem it cannot do abruptly. A step by step sequential procedure will help thee right implementation of digital transformation. Our DT specialized learning and development experts can make sure the systematic digital transformation implementation through a 3 level training programs.

Leaders and Owners

The conviction on the need of DT should start from business leaders and owners. If they able to comprehend the right action plan of the systematic DT implementation the organization can save lots of unwanted delay and cost. We provide high level practical adaptive trainings to leaders and owners. Their empowerment is the first milestone to be achieved for a successful DT implementation. Digital first mindset of the business leaders will help the organizations to march towards the new planform economy and data economy.

Staff and Employees

More practical and experiential training sessions and confidence building is important for the employees to change towards the digital transformation. The ease in the work and increase in the productivity are the core attraction for any employee. DT can make remarkable growth in their productivity and confidence level. Our experts are competent enough to build this capability among the team. The radical change in mindset of the second immediate stakeholders of organizations should be taken care.


The new global pandemic of 2020 accelerated this new customer experience. The shopping style of the new generation also marked remarkable new trend. It required extra ordinary brilliance and intelligence to synchronize your digital transformation strategies at par to the frequency of these new market behavior. We are experts in training of this shattered and unorganized open customer base matching to your new digital experience by creating remote playing e learning digital training content.

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