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We have evolved into a data-driven decision-making epoch of this civilization.

We have evolved into a data-driven decision-making epoch of this civilization, and it is pertinent for decision-makers to rely on the tools of our time. Our data analytics & business intelligence services provide descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive reports to help you assure your futuristic inhabitation.

Data Analytics


Customer Centric Approach

Why customer-centric data analysis is important?

  • Potential increase in sales from identifying and maximizing the top value customers

  • 80% investing in findings new clients

  • 20% invested in existing client, but 80% Revenue comes from customer retention

What marketers need

  • More customers

  • More revenue from customers

  • Retain customers at lower cost

Know your data​

As data explodes across channels, basically, there are 4 quadrants of data as shown below:






  • Customer transaction history

  • Customer surveys

  • Product usage data

  • Marketing information

  • Demographics

  • Credit bureau information

  • Market research

  • Customer support feedback

  • Call records/interactions

  • Customer briefing

  • Customer grievances

  • Social media data about

  • Company

  • Product

Benefits of analytics, predictive analysis, and



Productivity gains through improved data-gathering processes results in less time required for producing reports and metrics.


Process improvement gains through improve revenue generation & cost structures leading to enhanced decision making.


In predictive modeling future prediction using machine learning algorithms helps to acknowledge the organization whether in future should visit or not according to the market status statistically.

Data analysis – macro & micro level

Predictive analytics can provide timely feedback to executives on their strategic initiatives and provide leading indicators and insights to enhance planning for upcoming years.

Image by Amanda Dalbjörn
  • Strategic planning

  • Financial planning

  • Focus on priorities

  • Achieving profit and revenue targets

  • Developing competitive advantage and differentiation

  • Developing competitive advantage and differentiation

On a macro level organizational

need predictive analysis for

Image by Paul Skorupskas
  • Improving business processes

  • Doing more with less budget (working smarter not harder)

  • Allocating recourse appropriately

  • Understanding correlations and sensitivities with customer segments

  • To ensure long term financial resources are available to run the business

On a micro level, organizations need predictive analytics for

Understanding data analytics & its importance

Business intelligence begins with your organization’s strategy and business model and only then should performance metrics and analytics be appropriately conceived and deployed.

It is not enough to have state of the art in business intelligence technologies. Without having a common understanding and a common language between the businesspeople and business intelligence professionals, the business intelligence efforts will fall short of desired results.

Predictive analysis is the analytical ability to see relationships between business drivers and performance and the ability to model these relationships performed by people to improve organizational visibility.

IT and business intelligence professionals need to understand the language of strategy, business models and performance while solving business problems.

Business professionals need to appreciate the role of technology as an enabler and they need to lead and determine where & how IT/business intelligence infrastructure should be deployed to improve decision making.

Interdev BI offers data driven business strategies for SMEs

Interdev Business Intelligence is one of the strongest advocates on data analytics to avoid any unforeseen accidental failure in business operations and to control and monitor the system with optimal productivity. Our data driven business strategies for SMEs help entrepreneurs understand their business situation, predict the future impact, and hence make intelligent decisions.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Understand your business

Data analytics is a new age solution for the companies to design, develop, execute, and assess their own business strategies which will help the business leaders to understand the present business status with a comprehensive descriptive report.

Image by Markus Winkler

Predict your future

Data analytics process gives an insight and clear prediction on the business purely based on their own internal and external data. We are living in an era of data driven economy. Without future analysis companies cannot formulate a sustainable strategy.


Make right decisions

Data analytics process suggests strong actions which will be produced as a prescriptive report through a neural network machine learning process which will help the business leaders to take strong and confident decisions on their business.

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